I am truly glad you are interested in the work. The position entails doing cold calling, phone sales, data entry work … for companies from your home office (remote). Following are the instructions to apply for the position your applied for.
Tell me your:
Full Name
Contact E-mail Address

Tell in your resume:
If you are:
Fluent in English
• Used CRM
• Access to International Tools (WhatsApp. …)
• Computer
• Hard-Wired Internet or the Like
• 5 Years Experience
Work Well Alone
Very Computer Literate
Job Experience; If you worked for your “uncle/…” but he/she has died and cannot be contacted then it is still ok to list that you worked for that person.

When communicating with the HR from the company I refer you to tell them to contact you via WhatsApp. or Skype because they would not be able to call you at your out of country number; this is very important. I am just a recruiter not your HR head … nor manager.

Apply with the company I recruit for thru this link; if you do not use this link then this offer is not valid (CLICK HERE). [Please know it may take a while for the page to load.]
Last: Tell me when you applied. Then tell me when you are hired, actually working. It is just that easy.

Thank you,

Williejay T. Strong
OverPass Recruiter
Business: Walton B. Strong