The coaches are trained via Williejay's life experiences. Williejay's experiences follows:


I got deep depression at a young age.

It took me 18 years to overcome it.

I wrote down all the right steps it took to do it along the way.

I wrote books on deep depression and know the one secret to get over it.


Was poor and sick a long time.

Learned from this representative state how to be happy in all areas of life which seemed to had failed.


Faced the pain of all kinds of things happening in family.

And came up with good solutions to fix each one.


I suffer from all kinds of pain.

Came up with a list ways to deal with the pains called The Healing Tree.  Each item works.  And will work for you.


Thru all that I learned how to be positive no matter what.

There are a lot of parts to it, each is very important and works.

I created a way to emotionally and/or physically heal oneself called The Healing Tree, it works; located in my coming book titled Answers.


I am fully talented in understanding relationships.

I always been very interested in solving relationship problems.

I used to be a big Playar.

I was gullible.

I married and divorced twice young.

I never sexually cheated, stopped playing games with women in high school and was never a problem.

I vowed to figure out how marriage ought to go before getting into another mate partnership.

It took me 18 diligent years single after my second marriage to figure it All out.

I developed the right way to deal with being single.  And I know how to go about marriage.

I composed the right books on how to go about marriage.  I cover all topics.  And I have a good understanding other family problems.


I was deemed a spiritual leader.  In fact I am Really anointed; I made Biblical Discoveries to prove that explained at:

I strove hard to do right since high school.

I lead churches in singing and preached being a youth.

My home church are the actual ones who disabled me; the detailed story is the in my free autobiography on; see “The Wiretapping Story” in that book.

Despite it all I remained and will be spiritual.  Everything about me is spiritual.  And I wrote one book specifically for learning practical spirituality titled Practical Spirituality.  I never been incarcerated.  Nor have I dealt with illegal drugs.

All my marriage and how to live ... books are on or  I give it straight dose (Real Dope) and am the artist Real Dope.


I became highly educated.

My community which I treated good disabled me.

It took me 18 years to recover, to be able to work and learn how to go about work.

I composed the facts.