I have two solutions for finding one's ideal match.  First is following my coming book Mating (Friends or More) Rules for Spiritual People.  And the second is to use my Matchmaking System.

The book is simple but powerful.  It gives directions for how to go about getting a mate (friend or more).  It is based on sound thinking, use, years of experience.  It helps people on all levels.

The Matching Service is going to be a website for people to register their preferences to later get mate matches on a regular basis All by God's Grace.

There are too many variables for finding a near perfect mate partner match on one's own for most people. And I (Williejay T. Strong) developed the right matchmaking criteria to do that, from my 18 years of online dating experiences.

A matching service will finally get people the love of their lives, which is near impossible to find on one's own for most people.