Hi I am “Williejay” (Williejason) T. Strong born 1975, A.K.A hip song producer-artist Real Dope.  This is not a scam.  This is real.  It is artificial love that works.  And it is moral.

Use Williejay’s Substitute System to get the love needed and to quit cheating.  This can be done via:

  1. Having a loving friend (a Call Visit friend) who gives you daily routine and special chat.
  2. And use the other ideas of Williejay’s Substitute System to get the affection one needs.

Buy Williejay’s book Deep Love from amazon.com/author/williejaytstrong to see what is in the Substitute System.

Do you know that mate partner cheating is destroying the world?  When one gets caught mate partner cheating it creates:

  • Double expenses;
  • Double work demands;
  • Takes away time to work on:
    • The mate partner relationship
    • Teaching the kids
    • Focusing and making the steps to have business so we become financially independent
  • It ruins relationships with mate partners and their families;
  • Causes kids to go crazy (bad);
  • Causes lost time that you can’t get back;
  • Creates repeat patterns in our descendants;

Do you need help stop cheating?  If so then use this system.

I know how it is to want love all your life.  Using this perfect system is how you can get it.  It is hard to find love in America ....  Human care (love) cannot be replaced (which you can get thru Call Visit friendship) but artificial affection can thru using the Substitute System.

I recommend these sex dolls:

  1. For men (Coming Soon)
  2. For women (Coming Soon)

I also recommend these books to expand your mind on non-sexual and sexual love:

  • Compassion-Affection
  • The Cure for Stress Anxiety and Worry
  • Artificial-Real Love (Complete) coming to www.Shoptly.com/RealDope.
  • Good Intro Talk
  • How to Make Good Casual Chat When Chat is Like Pulling Teeth
  • The Book of Love
  • The Book of Love II
  • The Book of Love III
  • The Book of Love IV
  • Advanced Love
  • Williejay's Chit-Chat Outline

These books are also at:  amazon.com/author/williejaytstrong unless otherwise noted.  There is nothing wrong with having a loving friend (Call Visit friend) if you have a man/woman; it is not cheating.  Explore online sex clips to see and download your likings.

The services and fees currently are:

  • $100 per month for one (1) 30-minute chat each day
  • $125 per month for one (1) 30-minute chat each day where one day per week is a thorough review of how well you are doing health-wise.

With the fee being so low it is economical and helps Asians ... because the money exchange rate is a great impact.


  • They speak and write fluent English.
  • Not solicit you for money nor guide you into giving them more money.
  • To not talk about sex; we recommend you use [a sex talk service for that] this sex talk service [that we contract with].  Keep Call Visit friendship separate from sex talk so that your wife/husband/... does not feel you may run away with the Call Visit friend.
  • To not try to marry you.
  • To do a live video chat with you via WhatsApp to prove their profiles are real.
  • To have no more than 2 clients at a time.
  • To make payment arrangements with you.

We do not recommend you try to marry a Call Visit friend nor anyone in general unless you use Williejay’s marriage books; which teach:  how to online date, check to see if a person is a cheater, how to communicate ....  Williejay is anointed proven by his Biblical Correlation ... Discoveries at www.WilliejayTStrong.com.  His books are found at amazon.com/author/williejaytstrong.  One key book is How to Play the Playars to help make sure you do not get with the wrong type of person.



  1. Purchase our communication tools on https://shoptly.com/realdope.  So that you have slightly enough to talk about; you must buy the individual books listed that you are interested in.  Purchase the tools here [$
  2. Recommended:  Buy the non-sexual and sexual books listed above.
  3. Fill out the Subscription Form (Click Here; Coming Soon).
  4. Then submit your payment below the Subscription Form [$, ].

We will setup your profile.  And whenever you have two clients tell us so that we take down your profile.  If you have less than 2 clients then tells us so we can post your profile.

You are responsible for your services.  You do not work with us.  Nor are you contracted with us.